God’s Word or Human Reason?

An Inside Perspective on Creationism

God gave humans the ability to reason, but the Bible commands that we have faith in Him. According to Answers in Genesis, the largest and most influential creationist organization in the United States, the conclusions of human reason must be rejected if they contradict our understanding of the Bible. What are the implications of this worldview, and is it the best one for a Christian to live by?

God’s Word or Human Reason? might be one of the most important popular science books yet written… [it]¬†should be required reading for those with a faith-based view of the world.Darren Naish Author of Dinosaurs, How they Lived and Evolved and All Yesterdays

Cogently-argued and beautifully-illustrated, this book belongs on the shelf of anyone who has grappled with the big questions of how we know what we know about nature.Brian Switek Author of My Beloved Brontosaurus and Written in Stone

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