Jonathan Kane

Jonathan Kane is a science writer and armchair paleontologist. He has formerly worked in the natural history exhibit of the New Jersey State Museum, and is the creator of the Occam’s Razor webcomic series.

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Emily Willoughby

Emily Willoughby is a PhD student in experimental psychology, science writer, and scientific illustrator. Her artwork has appeared in the journal Nature, the Shanghai Natural History Museum, and publications by National Geographic and Scholastic.

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T. Michael Keesey

T. Michael Keesey is a software engineer and former paleo technician who has worked on a number of projects related to evolutionary biology. His best-known creation is PhyloPic, an online database of silhouettes of organisms organized according to their evolutionary relationships.

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Glenn Morton

Glenn Morton is a geophysicist who has worked for several petroleum exploration companies, including ARCO, Oryx, Kerr-McGee, and Anadarko. He is the author of over 90 peer-reviewed publications about creationism, geophysics, biology and history, as well as four books about creationism and evolution.

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James Comer

James Comer is a professor of history and religion who has taught courses at Eastern Michigan University, Bowling Green State University, Yuba College, Victor Valley College, and Arkansas State University. He also teaches adult Sunday school for the United Church of Christ.

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