God’s Word or Human Reason? might be one of the most important popular science books yet written. Highly readable and fantastically well designed and illustrated, it contains detailed, informed responses to a huge number of creationist claims and arguments, a substantial amount of its content not previously being covered outside of the technical literature. The book contains a unique blend of both personal experience and extensive scientific discussion. The latter will definitely make it of interest and value to those already persuaded by, or interested in, a view of Earth history consistent with ‘mainstream science’. But what makes the book especially significant is that it comes from the perspective of former young-Earth creationists who explain why and what it was that caused them to change their views. As such, God’s Word or Human Reason? should be required reading for those with a faith-based view of the world.Darren Naish Author of Dinosaurs, How they Lived and Evolved and All Yesterdays

The chapter on dinosaurs and the evolution of birds is engaging, clear, and beautifully illustrated. It should make anyone stop and think about the richness of the evolutionary process as explained here.Pat Shipman Author of Taking Wing and The Invaders

Evolution is one of the most singularly powerful ideas that has ever occurred to our species. Through science, history, and philosophy, this book provides powerful evidence of humanity’s ability to understand and explain the reality of evolutionary change while simultaneously undercutting the pernicious myths of modern creationism. Cogently-argued and beautifully-illustrated, this book belongs on the shelf of anyone who has grappled with the big questions of how we know what we know about nature.Brian Switek Author of My Beloved Brontosaurus and Written in Stone

Too many people who don’t accept the reality of evolution do so with a major misunderstanding. They think that evolutionary theory is rooted in belief rather than data. This book gathers the evidence of the truth of descent with modification in clearly explained case studies, to help set the record straight.Thomas Holtz Vertebrate Paleontologist, University of Maryland